Published February 07, 2022

What is coworking? The new, popular way to work


Written by Daniel Gunning

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It’s the hot new way of getting work done. Coworking is a trend that is rapidly growing globally, and as its gaining popularity, many people are asking the question; what is coworking? This emerging industry revolves around the general idea of people gathering in one neutral space to work. These people come from different places and are working on different projects. It differs itself to a normal office space. That’s because the people that you find in a coworking environment do not work for the same company. So why is everyone flocking to their nearest trendy coworking hub?

There are many benefits of utilising a shared space for different types of workers. So, let’s have a look at what it could mean for you.

Creatives & Freelancers

For all you creatives out there, coworking spaces have the ideal environment to let your imagination run wild. Being a part of a like-minded community in a fashionable environment catered to your needs is priceless. So, take a look at this coworking hub on York Street, Sydney. It’s a beautiful gallery style space which includes all the necessary amenities (that’s including coffee).

On a more serious note, this shared space offers dedicated editing tools. This is including Adobe Suite, green screen room and recording studio. You get flexibility and the chance to work alongside people you share common interests with. For this reason, it’s no wonder these spaces are becoming popular amongst freelancers and creatives.

Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Coworking spaces are probably best known for being suited for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups. That’s because it’s the place where networking flourishes and individuals can get their ideas off the ground. It provides entrepreneurs the chance to meet and chat with people from different work backgrounds. There is so much diversity in one shared meeting space. It’s quite difficult not to learn new things and grow your talents. 

This rent space is one of the best coworking spaces Melbourne offers with hot desks at an affordable rate. It’s situated in an innovative precinct surrounded by trendy cafes and local boutiques. Therefore, with the right shared office and meeting space, what better place to stimulate ideas and start growing your plans?

Corporate Companies

Opting for more affordable, shared office spaces is a trend that’s quickly building amongst bigger companies. Why would such large corporate giants like Starbucks, IBM, and Microsoft look into coworking in the first place though? Basically, renting shared office and meeting spaces means that these companies have an advantage. Their employees are being up close and personal with innovative startups. Therefore, it’s an environment buzzing with ideas, innovation and motivation. 

JustCo is a shared space in Sydney’s CBD and with a unique design that inspires collaboration. Whether it’s a single desk or an enterprise solution that you’re after. You get full access to event spaces, meeting rooms, presentation facilities and communal areas. So, it’s the perfect space for employees to be more productive and passionate about their work.


For everyday workers, coworking spaces deliver a refreshing change of scenery. A fresh environment filled with innovative, hard working individuals is the perfect motivation for any employee. It’s a space filled with a unique, special energy. Hence, why it will have any individual ready to get their work done and chase their dreams.

For example, located in Pyrmont, Sydney, Here Coworking is a boutique space that offers amazing water views. This spacious spot houses workers from all types of businesses and offers every necessary amenity an employee would need. Love (and productivity) is in the air!

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