Published February 07, 2022

The 6 Must Have Office Amenities


Written by Daniel Gunning

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These days, a great salary, fun colleagues, or good benefits package isn’t going to cut it for your employees. As competition for talented workers is becoming more intense, most workplaces are starting to think cleverly. How? They’re looking to implement unique workspace design facilities to recruit and retain skilled workers. We’ve compiled our top six must have essentials which make a positive difference to any office. We’ve also collected some of the best office space Sydney and elsewhere. 

Shared Space

Sometimes it feels like you’re living in the office. In that case, it’s no surprise that individuals are now looking for work spaces that provide an alternative communal space. They need somewhere where they can relax and unwind at work. This means a spot where workers can take a phone call, or chat with colleagues. This office has successfully implemented this and provided a trendy space for workers to feel refreshed and rested. This is essential to have in any office to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Bike Friendly

People are leaning towards a more environmentally friendly, healthier alternative of transport to work now. For example, amenities for cyclists like bike racks and locks. These make a great difference for employees who choose to be their healthiest selves! Plus, who knows? Implementing this amenity might get your workers out of being stuck in traffic and opt for grabbing a helmet instead!


We just spoke about promoting a more healthy lifestyle at your workplace. There’s nothing worse than cycling, running, or walking to work and then spending the day making it obvious by how you smell. Employees will definitely benefit greatly with shower facilities. Whether it’s because they’re going for their pilates class at lunch, or having to get ready for a date after work, having access to showers and grooming products in the office restrooms will make a huge difference. 

Natural Light

There is nothing better than warm, natural light flooding an office space. Nobody wants to work in an office with minimal windows and harsh fluorescent lights whilst looking at a computer screen all day. Take a look at Regus Sydney International, where the large, floor to ceiling glass windows allow an abundance of light to be shed on the open office space. So, let the light shine in your office and wake up your employees.

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Kitchen facilities

Nowadays, between paying bills, going out for lunch, or grabbing friday night drinks, it’s nice for employees to be treated to coffee, tea and other refreshments. Many workspaces are now providing healthy breakfast options, small cafes and coffee bars to the office. The Boarding Office provides a fully-serviced kitchen space for its workers, including fresh, filtered water.  Ultimately, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to keeping your employees refueled throughout the day. 

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What better way to liven up the office than bringing along your cute furry friend along? Having a pet-friendly space brings fun and conversation to work. It’s been shown that pets are linked to stress relief and generating positivity. They’ll make employees happier and therefore more productive. Having pets in the office is beneficial at 822 George St, making the space more exciting and homely. We sure would love to come to work and be greeted with adorable little pups!

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