Published February 08, 2022

An Exclusive Experience: How To Book The Best Private Dinners


Written by Daniel Gunning

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We’ve all had countless private dining experiences that range from being terrible to tasty. Whether it was the main that came out a few hours too late, the struggle to hear anyone over the music that was too loud, or the tea and coffee that was stated to be complimentary but gave you a nasty surprise when you saw the receipt, there are steps you can take to ensure your private dining experience is as smooth as butter. Here’s how to guarantee an exclusive experience and book the best private dinners.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Picky

It’s surprising that regardless of the huge demand for private dining rooms, you don’t usually read much about them. It’s all good though, because we’re here to fix that. We’ve put together some questions you should ask before booking your private dining room. That way, you won’t end up having to deal with the misplaced birthday cake that never made it to the venue. 

What’s included in my package?

This should be one of the first questions to ask. Any good venue will have an events package ready that covers the most frequently asked questions. These will include price, seating capacity, minimum spend, inclusions and additional costs for extras. Nobody wants to be hit with a bill for a few hundred dollars just for some sparkling water. If they aren’t clear with everything initially, then you’ll need to move down this list. 

What’s on the menu?

Of course, this will be totally dependent on the restaurant you choose. Majority of private dining rooms will have a range of menus to select from that will vary in the type of food and prices. Alternatively, you can have an a la carte menu. This is where you’ll need to be aware of dietary requirements too. Have someone vegan or gluten-free? Make sure they’re not going to be left hungry.

How private is my private room?

Find out if your private dining experience is actually private! Many will have a curtain or a small wall that sections off their ‘private’ space. You will find that many should rather be classified as semi-private. Definitely visit the restaurant beforehand and ensure it lives up to your expectations and offers the privacy you want.

Will your space suit my occasion?

You want to make certain that your event is suitable for the space you’re booking. If you’re planning on chucking that big 21st birthday party with all your loud friends, make sure the venue is aware. On the other hand, if you need a quiet, intimate space for a corporate lunch, the space may very well make sure service is professional and timely. It’s vital you tell them what your plans are.

What is your cancellation policy?

Things can suddenly change out of nowhere! That’s why it’s key to understand the venue’s cancellation policy. Some may be non-refundable, and others will let you cancel up until a certain time. It’s a good idea to check before booking.

Don’t stop there…

Hit them with all the questions! Can I BYO? What happens if it’s bad weather? Will there be additional staff for us? Do we have our own bar area? Can we have mains by 8pm? Don’t feel like you’re overwhelming them with your questions. You’re the customer, and your event is important! 

Can Spacenow Help?

At Spacenow, we have everything from luxurious restaurants to intimate and cosy dining spaces. If it’s for a corporate event, birthday, engagement or any other occasion, you’ll be able to easily search and compare, all in one place. We’ve also got a free concierge service ready for you to utilise if you need some extra help! Contact us and let us know what you’re searching for, and we’ll get straight to finding, comparing and negotiating on the best spaces. This way, you’re sure to get an exclusive experience and book the best private dinners.