Published February 07, 2022

Dedicated desks and what you need to know


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Fancy somewhere that you can call yours? You’re not alone. Being able to work and reap the benefits of being in a shared environment whilst also having an exclusive desk space sounds appealing to many. Whether it’s an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote worker, a dedicated desk is ideal for anyone in need of their own permanent space. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest dedicated desks Sydney and Melbourne.

How it works

Many love the idea of leveraging the advantages of a coworking space. There is a diverse community with a shared drive to be innovative and get work done. However, working in these common spaces often means trying to find whatever space is free from day to day. Instead, workers are opting for reserved spaces that they can call their own for the duration of their stay. These dedicated desks are therefore opened for exclusive bookings.

The Pros

There are amazing perks to having your own permanent space. Being able to come back to your own desk the next day with everything left as it was the day before not only elicits a sense of ownership, it becomes a home for your work. This is because dedicated desk spaces offer secured storage space for any belongings as well as all the office necessities such as a secure premise with WiFi, 24/7 access, and most importantly, coffee! Let’s take a look at 822 George St, Chippendale, where booking a dedicated desk not only comes with event spaces, meeting rooms, and reception services, but much more fun benefits. The space is both child and pet-friendly, has free beer on tap, a trendy cafe, and food trucks. The forward-thinking design makes this spot highly desirable for dedicated desk needs.

See here: Desk Desk | Dedicated Desk in a large shared area! | 822 George Street, Chippendale, 2008, NSW, AU | 1 Capacity | From: $600 Monthly

Also, hot on the market is 25 King Street, Melbourne, another stylish space which offers dedicated desk spots. With business grade internet, printing facilities, stocked up pantries, showers and on-site staff to help out, this spot provides the calm, private work environment people are searching for.

See here: Coworking Desk | Dedicated and Hot Desks | 25 King Street, Melbourne, 3000, VIC, AU | 130 sqm | 15 Capacity | From: $400 Monthly

Put simply, having a dedicated desk means giving workers power to have autonomy over their own space. When it comes to wanting comfort, privacy, and permanence, this is priceless.

The Cons

When it comes to providing dedicated desk spaces, the drawbacks are limited. In giving space out to individuals looking for reserved areas, a more stagnant environment is evoked. People are there longer and in the same location. Additionally, there is more upfront commitment and security measures required to facilitate dedicated desk users. In this way, the flexible ‘work where you want’ approach to marketing is limited and may go against working towards a more vibrant, diverse community. However, this is mitigated with the option of hot desks, where seating areas are shared and different day to day. Maintaining a balance between offering dedicated and hot desks means a perfect balance can be maintained in your coworking space. 

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