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Melbourne is the most populous city in Victoria and has many astonishing coworking areas which are spectacularly built and are even more pocketable. We have highlighted some famous coworking locations in Melbourne. Those locations serve freelancers and marketers and also create a network of co-workers. We are going to take a tour and spot how much it has to offer.


As part of COVID19, Spacenow has ensured our hosts will improve their safety standards to ensure that you are safe. Our hosts spaces are all regularly cleaned to ensure your welfare. Our hosts have repositioned your chairs in shared spaces for you to maintain your daily business activities while still staying physically distanced. Hosts have strategically placed signposts to help you remember to practice safe, healthy and clean habits. Hosts are bringing new equipment to the sites to help the community keep its surroundings safe.


Contact our team members to discuss the best possible coworking options for your workplace. In the meantime please follow our website to learn how the workplaces we work today have changed.


Coworking is an inexpensive alternative for small groups. If utility payments have a large impact on the organisation then it is really helpful to achieve this. Coworking environments provide modern office centres at much less cost. Human capital can not be underestimated. Having a terrific network is vital to any enterprise.


Coworking space is an excellent opportunity for freelancers or marketers trying to begin their startup ventures. apart from huge risk and courage in the starting stages, it additionally requires a first rate workspace. Making an investment in workplace space? In Melbourne there are a few exact coworking spaces. Co-working spaces are famous in Melbourne and are therefore full of pastime.


At one of the most prominent corners of the bustling CBD, WeWork Elizabeth St gives members access to Melbourne office space in the Historical London Stores building. We’re ideally located on the corner of Bourke Street and Elizabeth Street, offering six floors of coworking, private offices, conference rooms, and event space in a large, handsome, Chicagoan-style building. You’ll find plenty of tram and bus stops nearby that make transportation a breeze, and we’re only a short walk to Flinders Street Station. Bourke Street Mall and Federation Square offer great shopping and after-work options for an evening on the town enjoying local art or a few cocktails. Looking for a workspace in the thick of it all? Move your company into WeWork Elizabeth Street, and put the city on your doorstep.

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