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In recent years, as restaurants soared in demand, an entirely new delivery strategy emerged. Enter Dark Room, high-efficiency manufacturing units with a low storefront optimised to deliver. In the last two years, a large number of people started ordering online. With food service sales rising, the restaurant business model has evolved. Enter dark kitchens – very efficient producing units with store fronts optimised for delivery. Dark kitchens allow restaurant owners to rent out their kitchens during hours that they don’t need for their own operations, maximising the productivity and cash flow of their kitchen. Book your Dark Kitchen today with Spacenow, we offer the best rates and lease term options for dark kitchens in Sydney.


We researched the locations in highly frequency regions in Australia dense with regular food delivery populations. Optimising a smooth pick-up for the couriers, dark kitchens simplify the delivery procedure, and the whole package. So you’ll have time to perfect the food for you without worrying too much about logistics. It is essential that you ensure your dark kitchen is in a location where you can maximise the profits of your business. If your aim is to sell food through delivery services such as Uber, Menulog, Deliveroo or DoorDash then you must be sure to book your kitchen in a good location that is in range to many homes.


Dark kitchens may also be called virtual cooking rooms, cloud kitchens, ghost kitchens, and delivery-only restaurants. Whatever your name is, Dark Cuisine always revolves around the same idea: preparing meals in a commercial for either private use such as functions or most commonly for delivery. The demand for delivery only restaurants has increased since COVID and has now turned into a permanent business model. This business model is apart of the share economy, maximisation of profits is the reason that business owners offer their kitchens to us, our easy to use, streamlined service allows for a seamless transition for our clients to work in our host kitchens.


Dark kitchens also known as ghost kitchens were created in response to increasing demand for online meals services. They started appearing initially within high-density cities but are now found far from suburbs. Don Hancey is an experienced restaurant chef in Western Australia. His two commercial kitchens in Perth had recently been updated to let him use them in the morning for the production of food and cooking schools and in the evening to create a dark kitchen. Dark kitchens are becoming increasingly popular even after the pandemic, more people are staying at home for all kinds of reasons, therefore the increase in use of delivery services makes sense.


Dark kitchens offer many advantages to restaurants of every size. After hours, historically speaking for kitchen owners meant the end of cash flow for the day. However, Spacenow allows for owners to become a host and maximise their space to make money while they sleep as their space becomes a dark kitchen for one of our clients. This method of recycling your space increases cash flow on all fronts. Benefits for restaurants can even include more food options brought on by the clients that occupy your kitchen once it becomes a dark kitchen, they may not want to cook for you but they can give you ideas, money and options.


Creating an open-ghost kitchen has a number of different methods. Firstly, decide on the business model that suits you best. You must know the basic kitchen design principles and how to use them to build your virtual restaurant, if necessary. Opening a food delivery only business is a current business trend that has shown great results for many, finding a great restaurant in an even greater location is essential to encourage the success of your business. Having an established online business requires good social media, good marketing / advertising, customer service and most importantly great products that will encourage customers to come back for more.


As its names suggest, cloud or virtual kitchens rely on technology platforms for their operation. It is crucial that the right solution is selected. Firstly you should choose delivering your services to the consumer. Both sides have pros and cons as to how efficient delivery partners are or how damaging they are to their margins. When you choose a different system, you have to spend more time marketing your product or service and create your own order and fulfilment system.


Your brand and message are vital with a virtual kitchen, as that’s what it is. No signs or footfalls are visible from the front. Your social networks, email marketing presence and personality have been deemed important to be effective for the brand’s positioning in an increasingly competitive market. Thanks to the internet, there are many options available. Many ways to optimise your brand and menus include a referral program, review management and marketing emails. Establishing a good social media presence is key, social media marketing is the best way for an online restaurant to succeed, people will share your food that is posted and use it as a virtual menu. Therefore high quality imaging, editing, captions and time of day posting is essential, all these count towards the overall feel of your restaurant online and therefore translates into sale results.


For ghost cooking, you have to be busy. This is necessary information. Unless your physical location gets a steady footing online, your website can only generate orders. You have to have a three-mile radius to deliver all your customer’s products. It is necessary to research the competitors’ demographic patterns and cuisine for the region to determine the cuisine which will probably be the most popular. Be sure to research for the best locations for delivery services, some areas may have a much lower rate of sales than others, so it is important to ensure that you open your business in an area which reports a higher than average delivery order rate. Small steps like this allow your business to flourish, ensure thorough research into what type of food sells the best in your location and let that guide your menu construction.


Community spirit in Surry Hills is rife. There is a huge range of great cafes, restaurants, fine dining, small bars & pubs, art galleries, dog parks, bike paths, excellent gyms & yoga schools, lively markets. The weekend traffic & parking, weekend queues at the cafes all highlight the location’s bustling nature and therefore revenue opportunities for someone looking to set up a business in one of our dark kitchens across Surry Hills. Dark kitchens in Surry Hills are generally successful for both sides of the deal, as delivery services are well utilised in this area with lots of restaurants and pubs kitchens ready for dark use.


Darlinghurst is an inner city eastern suburb of Sydney adjacent to the CBD and Hyde Park. The population consists of 10,700 residents, with the demographic being between 18 and 60. Where does one start when talking about Darlinghurst? It is the home of Oxford Street and Taylor Square – a very fashionable, gentrified area of Sydney with many pubs, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs and of course the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. The business opportunities for dark kitchen hosts in Darlinghurst have been identified. We have a number of great restaurants ready for you to start taking advantage of its hungry residents.

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