Published April 30, 2024

Picture Perfect Pop Up: 65 York St


Written by Samuel Howes

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Introducing an incredible opportunity located at 65 York Street in Sydney city’s lively heart. This prime commercial space in a landmark heritage building gives businesses a prestigious address and a historical setting.

65 York St

An Intriguing Blend of Heritage and Luxury in Sydney’s CBD

65 York St is not just a space, it is a statement. This iconic site is situated at a busy intersection in Sydney’s CBD. It combines the allure of the old architecture with the dynamism of the modern needs of business. It acts as a lighthouse for those who dream about deriving tradition with progress.

Extraordinary Characteristics of This Grandiose Space

The space is a work of art in terms of design and functionality. Comprising 314 sqm, it serves different business activities, from select retail to premium corporate headquarters. Here are some of the standout features

Expansive Layout: Designed to awe and inspire. This sprawling area suits the type of businesses that need an expansive space to fit their vision.

Prominent Dual Street Frontage: Featuring over 13 meters of frontage at York and Barrack Streets. The space has high visibility and perfect access for your business.

Elevated Ceilings: The lofty ceilings, over 3.5 meters high, create an air of grandeur and openness. Amplify the impact of your business presence at 65 York St.

Located among Grandeur and Affluence

Nestled in the very epicentre of Sydney’s best retail and commercial hubs, 65 York st offers a strategic advantages:

Immediate Access to Luxury Retail: The space is at the epicentre of Australia’s most desired shopping districts. Place your business among the presence of leading world brands.

Vibrant Urban Footfall: Placed in Sydney's CBD, an area full of professional activity and continuous foot traffic. The space offers a live audience for your business.

Architectural Prestige: The heritage status of the building adds to its aesthetic and adds a touch of uniqueness and exclusivity. This is imperative for businesses that want to emit an aura of elegance and timelessness.

Pictured: Clinique enjoyed a mega successful Pop Up at 65 York St earlier this year.

An All-Sides Location for Innovative Enterprises

65 York Street is more than a space; it’s a blank canvas prepared to manifest all kinds of business dreams. The flexibility of its environment suits luxury retailers that want to allure elite clients, gourmet restaurants pursuing culinary landmarks. Corporations see it as a space with a ring of prestige and high professionalism.

A Unique Chance to Become a Part of Sydney’s Commercial Elite

The space is an opportunity to be a part of Sydney’s colorful history while creating a future of success. You are welcome to take this exceptional chance to promote your business to the level of new popularity.

Ask Today to Create Your Tomorrow.

Contact us to learn more about leasing this unique space and find out how your business can prosper in Sydney. Be part of a community of leaders and pioneers at one of the most premium addresses in Sydney’s CBD.

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65 York St
65 York St