Published March 08, 2024

Spacenow & Public Hospitality: Celebrating Women in Leadership


Written by Spacenow

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Spacenow proudly shines a spotlight on our female-led teams, whose leadership and innovation are at the heart of our company's success. Through their diverse experiences and unwavering dedication, these remarkable individuals exemplify the spirit of collaboration and empowerment.

As the Senior Business Development Manager and Events Broker at Spacenow, I find immense joy in not just connecting people with the perfect spaces but also in nurturing enduring and meaningful venue partnerships. My role extends beyond transactions; it's about building relationships that last.

The Highlights of my Journey:

• SpaceNow: Shaping the future of space discovery, I thrive on ensuring seamless connections between individuals and spaces. Simultaneously, I foster lasting relationships with our valued partners.

• Create & Collaborate: Playing host to a vibrant community platform, I collaborate with talented chefs to craft exquisite experiences in private homes. It's a celebration of culinary artistry and shared moments.

• Merivale: Leading a dynamic team as Senior Key Account Manager, I contributed to forging enduring and sustainable relationships for our top-tier corporate accounts and working in a super creative and fast paced environment, one I will never forget!

• QPAC: Immersed in the world of creativity, I curated unforgettable events for both international and local clients, fueling my passion for the arts.

In every role, I've been shaped by some extraordinary female leaders, I often reflect back to them and think about the wisdom and lessons each passed to me. They  hold and shape me in my career to date.  I’m particularly excited to celebrate International Women's Day within a community of inspiring women at Spacenow, now and into the future!

I’ve been with Spacenow for 2 years and my role has evolved since I first started with the company. My focus shifted from helping clients find kitchens and spaces where they could start their own business or purely use a kitchen for catering/ Uber delivery style business. To finding properties across Australia for high end fashion labels and PR agencies to name a few.

My role now is Head of Pop Ups. The advice I would have given the 25 year old me was to keep doing what I was already doing. And not to doubt myself in the things that I thought I could achieve for myself on my own. The power of having my own back is much more fulfilling than relying on others to give you a boost.

So the advice would really be to just keep believing in myself.

Head of Corporate Events at Spacenow.

I’m a creative spirit to the core. I started my events journey performing on stages in Australia and New Zealand and realised my excitement for performance night was in every type of event I managed from brand activations to nationwide conferences. My passion to provide unique experiences for my clients has always come from my love of the arts and connecting with people over something truly memorable. I bring this to every brief I work on at Spacenow and it has been the most exciting and fun time I’ve had in the events industry since starting with the company 6 months ago. Prior to COVID I was managing a portfolio of 500 accounts across all industries and it has been wonderful to see the interest in corporate events rapidly return in 2023 and 2024. We are just at the beginning of the year and have smashed through so many milestones already!

With such a collaborative and creative group that comprises Spacenow, we are always cultivating new ideas to provide a different perspective to this incredible industry. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

I am the Director of Sales and have been in the role for 18 months. Hospitality has been in my blood since I was born as my father was a publican and I grew up living in pubs around inner city Melbourne. My unique upbringing gives me a genuine passion for the business and working for an owner-operated family business brings a sense of tradition, authenticity, and a personal touch to everyday.

By being authentic and transparent in both my business and personal life, this fosters trust with colleagues, clients, and team members. When people see that you are genuine and open, they are more likely to trust your actions and decisions.

I have been with Public Hospitality for 2.5 years, and am the Director, Hospitality VIC. I love that I work with inspirational women, not only within the Public team but along side the Grossi family and Karen Martini. Working with inspiring women provides so many benefits, such as enhanced creativity, professional growth and a positive work environment. The mutual support and shared experiences create a strong foundation for collective success.

Take calculated risks — and act on them. This leads to self-discovery and self-confidence. If you fail, you learn from the experience and move on to the next challenge. Gain new knowledge and skills by reaching outside your comfort zone. Set goals to stay motivated. They don't have to be huge, but write them down and find time to work toward them every day.

My journey at PUBLIC spans nearly three years. I originally started as a bartender at The Norfolk Hotel, and I've continued to grow with the company to my current role as the Group Sales & Event Manager. While I typically enjoy exploring new avenues and embracing fresh challenges, my time at PUBLIC has captivated me entirely. With PUBLIC being a start- up, each day unfolds with its distinct demands and opportunities, surrounded by an amazing group of individuals in the PUBLIC family. The diversity of experiences and the caliber of individuals here continually inspire me, fostering a learning environment where I encounter new mentors and pick up fresh insights every single day.

At PUBLIC, a culture of friendship and support fills our daily interactions. From cheerful morning greetings to uplifting compliments, our workplace thrives on fostering positive energy. Post-work drinks provide invaluable opportunities for bonding, venting, and forging deeper connections. Notably, our company boasts a majority of female staff, with a significant proportion occupying leadership roles. This inclusive environment not only empowers women but also serves as a beacon of aspiration for emerging talents, illustrating that the top is attainable for all.

Throughout my career, I've cultivated resilience and confidence through invaluable mentorship and firsthand experiences. My relationship with my superiors has been instrumental in shaping my growth, providing guidance during setbacks and imparting invaluable lessons in resilience. In the world of Events, where challenges abound and mishaps are par for the course, I've learned to confront complaints head-on, embracing each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and innovation.