Published July 25, 2022

Pop Up Spaces x Fashion Labels = Long Lines


Written by Samuel Howes

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Busy Locations Paired with Beautiful Spaces

Labels including; Meshki, By Charlotte, Deus Ex Machina, Manning Cartel, Anna Quan, Dion Lee, Sir The Label, Christopher Esber have been working with Spacenow. Offering their designer wear combined with warehouse sale prices in our premium spaces. Accordingly the results have been encouraging to say the least. Lines wrapping around the streets of Alexandria for a sale in our 560 Botany Rd space reflect this. Evidently Fashion sells, theres no debating the fact that fashion is more than favourable for Aussies. The Pop Up Category has been so successful in 2022. Clothing being presented in venues located in trendy areas undoubtedly attract customers needing a bit of retail therapy. Check out our Pop Up category to scroll through listings and see why labels use Spacenow's venues.
Lines were massive even in the rain for the By Charlotte Warehouse Sale which took place in our 17 Oxford St Pop Up Space.

Obvious Appeal

Spacenow has access to the best venues in the best locations in all categories. Our pop up category has top-quality, modern venues with trendy interiors in locations which are great for retail. Hence, there is an obvious appeal, Jeff Bezos said "the three most important things in retail are location, location, location." Not to say you should listen to everything Bezos says, however it makes sense, location in retail drives sales. Accordingly the success of pop ups in high traffic venues show the importance of location. Furthermore everyone in retail loves the sight of a line and this is a near guarantee in these spots... provided the label carries even just a little bit of weight behind its name.

"the three most important things in retail are location, location, location."

Jeff Bezos

(Pictured) Christopher Esber hosted a successful sample sale in our 17 Oxford St Space.

Specialists in Flexible Spaces

We're all aware of the changes that rocked just about every aspect of the world post-COVID-19. However, there is something great to come out of the pandemic, flexible spaces. Spacenow specialises in flexible real estate, we find a space and make it happen where you want it to happen. Pop up spaces are consistently booked by high-tier fashion labels. Furthermore, spaces offer long and short-term leasing options. So our concierge team will ensure that bookings are looked after properly and requests are met promptly.

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