Published January 20, 2022

Australia’s Best Multi-Use Creative Spaces


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Finding the perfect space to be your creative outlet is hard. There are an abundance of places to choose from, but not all spaces cater to your needs. Hence, we’ve done some digging for you and compiled a list of the most unique creative spaces Sydney and rest of Australia’s greatest creative minds. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, photographer, event planner, designer, influencer, or producer, these spaces are perfect for any independent visionaries out there!

The Studio 

85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, 2018, NSW, AU

Looking for that perfect blank canvas to create your next big event? The Studio puts a lot on offer – no matter what it is you’re looking to do. Its large space and setup, high ceilings and white walls, radiate brightness and openness. That’s why it’s been home to so many product launches, pop-ups, media events and functions. Conveniently, it comes with all the equipment you need. This includes an in-built art projector, audiovisual system, studio equipment and more. Ultimately, this spot becomes the ideal space to create from scratch.

See here: Venue | The Studio – multi use space | 85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, 2018, NSW, AU | 180 Capacity | From: $484 Daily

Ducker & Ducker

32 Ralph Street, Alexandria, 2015, NSW, AU

This beautiful multi-purpose space has played its role in the work of many creatives including fashion brands and PR agencies. Ducker & Ducker is a conveniently located space in Sydney. It is optimal for photo shoots, launch events and showrooms. This space was designed to exude class and charm with its French panelled walls, concrete floors and an abundance of natural light. However, this space doesn’t just offer stunning decor. It has equipment as well! The studio provides clothes racks, steamers, a kitchen, bathroom and makeup station. Most importantly, it also has wifi and parking! Ducker & Ducker is almost too good to be true for any creative seeking an aesthetic and practical space.

See here: Venue | Creative Spaces | Ducker & Ducker | 32 Ralph Street, Alexandria, 2015, NSW, AU | 150 Capacity | From: $578 Daily

The Centre for Creative Photography (CCP)

138 Richmond Road, Marleston, 5033, SA, AU

Calling all photographers, this one’s for you! Looking for a creative space with an established, friendly community? CCP is the largest photography school in Adelaide. It boasts many facilities including studios, a darkroom, gallery, classrooms and a digital suite which are all available for hire. This affordable, dynamic space suits any budding or professional photographer to gain inspiration and create whatever their heart desires. CCP has also hosted theatre groups, photo shoots, conferences advertising work and more! The only limit for this space is your imagination.

See here: Venue | Creative Spaces | Centre for Creative Photography | 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, 5033, SA, AU | 10 Capacity | From: $248 Daily

28 Foster Street, Surry Hills, 2010, NSW, AU

The China Heights Gallery Studio is a New York style warehouse gallery attractive for all creatives. Whether you’re looking to hire space for photoshoots, showings, exhibitions and other events, it will be right up your alley. Your talent will definitely benefit from it’s large space, neutral tones, aesthetic high beam ceiling and natural light. Conveniently located in Surry Hills, this space is ultimately designed for all those inspired to create something amazing. 

See here: Venue | China Heights Gallery & Studio – Gallery Studio | 28 Foster Street, Surry Hills, 2010, NSW, AU | 50 Capacity | From: $1,375 Daily

At the end of the day, everyone needs the ultimate space to create and innovate! Check out Spacenow for unique creative spaces Sydney and more amazing locations. Whether you’re looking for studios, photography facilities or gallery spaces, access to anywhere is possible.