Published January 13, 2023

Clifton Street Pop Up


Written by Samuel Howes

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Exclusive to Spacenow

Clifton Street Pop Up (formally Clifton Street Market) in Prahran, Melbourne is the pinnacle pop-up space in Victoria. Clifton Street Pop Up is often booked by fashion labels capitalising on the trendiness and marketability of the space. Often, fashion labels tour their sales starting in Sydney with our popular, exclusive 17 Oxford St Pop up space. After the Sydney sales, they move down to Melbourne where they continue the sales in our exclusive Clifton St Pop Up.

Prahran, a Cultural Hub

Host a pop up for your brand in one of Melbourne's most vibrant, fresh and populace suburbs. Chapel Street, is just around the corner. The area is famous for fashion, food, coffee, bars, vintage stores, Prahran market, art galleries and street art. Further the creative culture, history and architecture in Prahran is beautiful. Being close to the main cultural precinct is obviously appealling for brands that want the best kind of exposure. There is convenient parking nearby (both public and all-day multi-level). Clifton Street pop up is in such a great location, it cannot be compared with other, lesser-known pop up spaces in Melbourne.

If you haven't been to Prahran before the video below will help you to get an understanding of the cultural vibrance the precinct has in store.

A bit more on the Location of Clifton Street Pop Up

Clifton Street Pop Up is only 100 metres from Prahran Town Hall and Chapel Street itself. Public transport is the easiest way to access the space. Furthermore, tram networks run on both High Street and Chapel Streets, and Prahran Train Station is only 250 metres away making the space easy to access. There is street parking available and a Public Car Park in Cecil Place approximately 40 metres from the space. There is also a Multi-level car park situated on King Street 35 meters from the space.

Clifton Street Pop Up: A Whole Warehouse of Opportunity

Clifton Street Pop Up has a combined total floor space of 500 square meters (100 sqm upstairs, 400 sqm downstairs) for you to fill with endless opportunities. Let's expand on that, whatever your curator mind can possibly imagine will fit within the walls of this dream space. In the past, it has been home to art galleries and exhibitions, diverse curated markets, pop-up retail events, warehouse and clearance sales and photography and production to name a few.

There are no limits for this space, it has more versatility than your handyman, anything fits within its mammoth size. See for yourself, you can organise a time to visit the space, simply get on the phone with Spacenow and make your intentions known, we'll guide you the whole way. Otherwise, send an email to We love to see the amazing things that people can do with our spaces, and if you think you have something great planned, that's outside of the box we'd love to hear from you. Spacenow is more than just a provider of space, we'd love to have a Spacenow team member visit your event and gather content for our own socials free of charge. Its all part of the experience in booking with Spacenow.

Clifton Street Pop Up: Iconic for Fashion

The space is at heart, iconic for fashion, which the locals recognise as being home to some of the best pop up retail sales in the city. This is because labels and designers such as SIR, Nobody Denim, Misha, Alice McCall, Steele, Dion Lee, Henne, The New Trend and The Upside so often call the space home for their short term sales. Furthermore this is just a small few that have hosted sales in our fashion-savvy pop-up space. The fashionistas that you want at your sales, already know about the Clifton Street Pop Up space. It's notoriety is what makes it such an iconic space in the Melbourne fashion scene.

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