Published February 08, 2022

Pros + Cons: Is a Pop Up Shop Right for Your Brand?


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Pop Up spaces are on the rise in Australia. When done right, the temporary retail space can be a worthwhile investment for your business. We’re here to help you weigh up the pros and cons of a pop up shop for your brand. 

  • Pro: Generate Hype 

Pop ups are a fantastic way to generate buzz for your brand. They are essentially a unique experience you can sell with your products. By offering discounts and exclusive deals, you can entice consumers to your space and have people talking. Opening a pop up in a busy location with high exposure and a good deal of foot traffic is also a great strategic move to expand your customer base, brand awareness and increase sales. Make sure you have a consistent theme, eye-catching layout, bold signage and welcoming staff to invite consumers into your space. You could even consider taking advantage of the hype around holidays and plan a holiday-specific pop up during a busy time like Christmas or Mothers Day. 

  • Challenge: Finding the Right Space 

However, finding the right space can be the most exhausting hurdle. There are so many factors to take into account: landlords, lighting, location, space dimensions, and don’t forget the COVID restrictions! So don’t mind if we give ourselves a little shout out here. Skip the landlords and deal directly with Spacenow. Our team is here to help ease this process, cutting down your search time with a range of flexible COVID-safe spaces to suit your vision.

  • Pro: Branding Experience for Consumers 

Having a pop up is also a great way for new and loyal consumers alike to connect with your brand, especially if you’re solely an online brand. A physical, immersive experience will help foster your brand identity and engage consumers in a memorable (and instagram shareable) way. Big brands like Nike have used their pop up space to be bold and creative, selling sneakers from a shipping container in Paris and Kylie Jenner’s LA Pop Up store included a replica of the beauty guru’s bedroom and a selfie station for customers. A creative pop up experience is sure to give your brand a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

  • Challenge: Stress 

That being said, a pop up is a stressful venture. This short term event requires a great deal of planning, teamwork and marketing to succeed. You have to be ready to take on the challenge. 

  • Pro: Cost Effective 

It’s also a very cost effective venture. Compared to long term leases and lock-in contracts, the spaces offered by Spacenow are flexible and short term, saving you money in overhead costs. 

  • Challenge: Upfront Cost 

Although, forgoing the ongoing costs means taking on a one time, short term investment. Depending on your space and vision, this cost will vary. You can easily overcome this by creating a smart budget and setting goals. 

Despite the challenges, a pop up is a fantastic opportunity for your brand to stand out from the competition and connect with your consumers. You can read more about our pop up services here or check out some pop up spaces we have available. 

If you’re still unsure about where to start, you can speak to one of our Space Specialists on 02 9310 9210.