Published February 08, 2022

Discover New Features: Meeting Rooms


Written by Daniel Gunning

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At Spacenow, we’ve worked hard to introduce exciting new features for your listed meeting room spaces. Take a look through this short deck that explains everything!

Time are changing, and Spacenow has adapted. We’ve implemented these new features to increase bookings for your meeting room spaces.

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We’ve also written a blog all about why you should start pivoting your space. Have a little read of it here:

Whilst the norm has usually been renting out unfurnished, empty commercial spaces under long leases, current circumstances will see many landlords shift towards penetrating the flexible space market.

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider moving forward:

  • How flexible are you? These are large employers who want to be able to transition their team in for a quick start-up on flexible terms. Accordingly, whether it’s a few months in one office and a year in the next, you’ll need to offer up good deals and be pliant with requests.
  • Are you communicating selling points? You’ll need to be transparent with property information. So, these businesses want to know prices, locations, amenities and availability instantly.
  • How quickly can they move in? Your commercial office space should be ready to move into. Hence, this includes having the capability to speed up the leasing process and installing necessary amenities and furnishing.
  • Is your space unique? Culture plays an important role in every business. As a landlord, you want to think about how you can design your office space to be fun and interesting.