Published February 08, 2022

Flexible Spaces in 2021: Download the Report


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Flexible spaces in 2021 will greatly contribute to Australian businesses’ recovery readiness. In the face of adversity, flexibility and adaptability are key – it’s vital to bend so you don’t break.

Our team has taken the time to go out and research trends, statistics and opinions of the Aussie public to get more insight into the demands of workers after having experienced the consequences of a pandemic. 

What have we discovered?

Many businesses have identified the importance of human interface. Harnessing the benefits of collaboration, culture and coherency in work is vital. As a result, businesses are now thinking long-term and repositioning themselves for the future. Thus, getting recovery ready has seen organisations switching to sub lease options for reasons such as their size elasticity,  gearing up to work in cluster models across multiple offices, pliant pricing packages and reviving workplace culture. Ultimately, flexible spaces in 2021 are looking to be the answer. 

Is work from home preferred? The office? A mix of both? To find out, have a read of our report; Into the Future: The Role of Flexible Spaces in 2021, to find out what employees across the nation are thinking.  

Here’s a little snippet:

As we enter a new year, we’ll be welcoming uncharted paths of work.

Organisations of all sizes are taking on a transformational approach; one that embraces the new evolution of hybrid workplace systems. It powers operational resilience and scalability when it comes to renting office space.

The future of work will be hybrid – we’re talking a mix of remote, office and flexible space to work in – and the office space model needs to follow.

As a result, many are turning to on-demand, flexible space solutions rather than entering traditional office leases. In fact, JLL predicts that 30% of global office space will be consumed in a flexible way by 2030.

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