Spacenow offers a range of studio’s for hire with Green screens, sound proofing and lighting equipment in Melbourne. We strive to provide the best studios for our clients so they can see the best possible results in every photo that our clients produce. Here at Spacenow our clients who use our services do work that includes television commercials, websites and photography projects in the fashion sector and event production. Explore our website to find a range of available studios for hire in Melbourne today.

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Photo Studios Hire Guide

Melbourne’s vibrant and lively arts scene reflects the diverse collection of photography studios available for rent throughout the city. Spacenow has a wide range of photography studios in Melbourne to cater for any artist, business, model, etc. We will guide you through the best places for you, reach out to our helpful staff and your selection will not disappoint. You’re sure to be impressed with the wide range of available photography studios in Melbourne on Spacenow.

What is included in the price of a photo studio?

By simply adding an equipment request to your enquiry with Spacenow you can ensure that everything you need is either provided for you by the host or known to provide your own. Most of the studios on Spacenow offer stands on premises, light equipment, modifiers and a background, but you need to discuss your requirements directly with the manager of the venue or to one of our friendly staff at Spacenow to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

How much does it cost to hire a photo studio in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the majority of photographers are hired hourly and cost around the $25 – $50 an hour mark depending on their experience, credentials and business type. More relevantly using Spacenow you will find some of the best prices on photo studio hire in Melbourne with prices ranging from $22 – $313 an hour. Photography studios listed for hire in Melbourne on Spacenow are guaranteed to impress with location, price and equipment availability.

What equipment should I expect with my photo studio hire?

All photographers should use clean walls or reflective studio backdrops. It’s possible for lighting to have a couple of lamps containing a diffuser or a soft box in place. Here at Spacenow the space description will list all the available equipment that you can expect to find in your photography studio. Basic photography equipment is already included at most of our listed photography studios but as a general rule of thumb it is always important to double check with our team at Spacenow if there is a piece of equipment that you require. Our team will try their hardest to have the host of the studio provide any required equipment.

How can I hire a photo studio in Melbourne?

Whenever you want a photography studio you should look on Spacenow’s website, by utilising our search bar a wide range of great studio options reveal themselves. By using Spacenow to hire your photography studio it reduces the time required to find a great range of options to choose from for the best photography studio. After making a short-list check the available offer, contact the host of the venue you are interested in through enquiring on the website and make your reservations. You can talk directly to venue managers on the new website so ensure you utilise it by asking a lot of questions.

Top photo studios in Melbourne

Are you planning on taking some photos? It is possible to find many photography studios to work on any artistic and commercial endeavour you wish. Spacenow makes it simple for you to go through our selection of some of the top photo studios available for hire in Melbourne.

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